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An Invitation from the Ladies Altar Society…

The Ladies Altar society does much more than just taking care of the Altar, which includes the flowers, linens, vestments, altar server albs, and candles. We need your help to continue our efforts. We ask you to consider the following…
Serving your faith by helping with the hosting of the parish breakfasts once a month, luncheons for bereaved families following a funeral, dinners for the Rectory, gift basket sales, and bake sales where the proceeds go to benefit important causes.
Enriching your faith with spiritual studies such as the Lives of the Saints, Journey toward God, Story of a Soul by St. Therese, and other guest speakers.
Sharing your faith by helping support the Youth Group, Mothers and Unborn baby care, and the land purchase.
We have given financial help for the restoration of the Chapel and the stained glass windows.
OR you can…
Show your faith by helping with decorating the Altar and the Church for Christmas in anticipation of the birth of our Lord and Savior. There are a vast array of things we do to serve the Church and our community. The best part is the friendships created, the quality time spent together, and the laughter shared among all. Won’t you consider becoming an active participant in one or more of the Altar Society endeavors?

Our dear Lord’s blessings on you and those you love!